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Integrated Online/Offline Sales/Marketing

Establishing a well blended corporate image across your offline and online marketing materials is crucial in upholding the presense of your corporate image. iSynergy has the experience and expertise in providing you a seamless integration of both offline to online or online to offline marketing messages and solutions.

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Online Sales & Marketing Designs

While traditional marketing solutions such as printed marketing collaterals, branded packaging, etc. will always have a place in creating customer visibility, the benefits of establishing your business online cannot be overlooked. iSynergy can help integrate your offline efforts with your online messaging in order to gain consistency across your marketing materials in addition to adding a new online marketing avenue. This is key to a positive reinforcement of your brand.

Offline Sales & Marketing Designs

Vise versa, iSynergy is also very experienced in offline marketing such as print design, identity packages, and logo design. Having professionally designed marketing materials will help you give a lasting impression to your customers and also give your sales force the best marketing tools possible.

Discover how iSynergy Webdesign helps you achieve your goal in generating low-cost leads and a positive return on investment. We will recommend the best Online or Offline Marketing solution for your company and ensure that your project is delivered on time and under budget. Remember, our initial consultation is FREE. Click on any of the navigation links to the left to drill down into detail information on each topic, or feel free to contact us today!

E-Marketing Strategy

The effective integration of marketing fundamentals and cutting edge internet technologies power your company with brand and revenue enhancement...

Banner Advertising

Driving new leads and traffic to your website through targeted offers and promotional campaigns...

E-Mail & E-Newsletter Marketing

Life in the fast lane is driving at a maximum speed to evangelize your products or services via e-mail and e-newsletter marketing before your competitors. Effective e-mail and e-newsletter marketing is your gold mine that helps you reach a vast spectrum of audiences within seconds...

Landing Pages

There is an absolute need to direct visitors to a particular page after they click on certain links on your web site to find more information about you ("tell me more") link, which is often seen in key marketing activities such as product pages, press releases, newsletters, and banner ads...

Integrated Online/Offline Marketing

The benefits of establishing your business online or offline or both cannot be overlooked. iSynergy has the experience and expertise in providing you the perfect solution in integrating both forms of marketing...

Targeted Promotions and Campaigns

Your brand is your image and how people perceive the quality of your business, products and services. Your brand is the key differentiator that separates you from your competitors. This has held true for decades in the offline world...